Cold weather is here and it is coming in full force. As with most winters, we find awesome patterns and colors in trench coats and this season is no different. I pulled out an old fav from Lulu's to wear again this year. It's a perfect complime... Continue Reading

St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

It's always fun to take a quick getaway and it just so happened that my getaway was to the sunny island of Barbados. I was a tag along on a trip but that made no difference as the people on the island are so nice, I was able to make friends and ventu... Continue Reading

Green On the Scene

Took a quick vacation to Barbados and it was much needed. A quick getaway in the middle of November. Couldn't have come at a more perfect time. The sun was shining, the people were out on the beach, the people on the island couldn't be any nicer.... Continue Reading

Serious Closet Envy

If I could have all things my way, I would make sure that an amazing walk in-closet is on the list. Not just a regular standard walk in, but a walk in with a sitting area for tea or champs, possibly a tri-fold full body mirror to check out the outfit... Continue Reading

Dressing Up Sweats

As we get deeper and deeper into the fall season, the longer and longer we want to stay in bed before getting up to get ready. That is why I love this dress. It is of superior comfort and since it is a neutral color, can easily be dressed up or dre... Continue Reading

Birthday Behavior in Sequins

It comes around once a year and for some, it's not a big deal, for other's its a huge grand event. This year, for my birthday, I didn't want to go too crazy so i decided to celebrate a few different times in a few different cities...not too much righ... Continue Reading

Lake Tahoe, NV

I had a chance to go to Lake Tahoe for a digital conference and I must say, the area is beautiful. Although the weather was a bit chilly, I had no idea when I would be back so I wanted to take advantage and go on a hike. The resort where I stayed, Hy... Continue Reading