Now I can’t lie and say I have ever gone completely short. Even when I transitioned from perm to natural, I didn’t go through a big chop. I let my hair grow and kept getting the ends trimmed. I do have a few things that I did try over the past few years including a high low cut, a short bob and most recently an undercut…see evidence below.

But when Tahira Joy decided to cut her hair, she turned her journey into a movement and the Cut Life was born. The Cut Life is a digital platform for everything short hair. By working closely with related brands, top hair stylists and continuously producing and supporting a number of beauty and fashion brands and events, they continue to hold a space as a leader in all things short hair.

While hair was the focus, beauty and Fashion were not far behind. Vendors brought their fashions, skin care, makeup, jewelry and more for all attendees to purchase throughout.

Tahira and I at The Short Hair Don’t Care show in Philadelphia.