We have so much to do! Omg. Life is busy. Work. Family. Friends. It all takes up so much time and we need to figure out how to make space for ourselves. One thing that is incredibly helpful is to plan ahead. I recently got a new planner and I feel like it has been life changing. Outside of tracking work things, I am tracking personal things as well. I know, I know. we have cell phones that can alert us when things are about to happen and where things overlap, but when you write things down, it helots to commit it to memory. I helps you to think about things a little bit more instead of letting technology handle it all for you. You become a little bit more invested in the moment.

So maybe get a planner (I got my 17 month from Burlington Stores) maybe take a second to figure out a few ways to stay on point, and get to planning out your day, week, and maybe even a little further. It definitely helps to have long term goals but it also helps to set milestones along the way. Whatever your method, commit to staying involved and not letting things automatically happen. Tech is great but take an investment in yourself and like Big Sean said, “do like the solar system and planet out” which is no surprise that comes from his song ‘Blessings.’ Prepare yourself to count yours as they come.

Just wanted to share those thoughts.

Until next time.