It may seem odd but I find it very encouraging that I can relate this thought to thrifting. When you go to a thrift shop, you have to look through racks or dig through boxes or search and search and search for one good piece. If you know of a thrift shop that is spilling over with good stuff, feel free to let me know and I am on my way. However, until I can find that shop, I have checked a few different places and often times, I never leave with more than a handful of pieces. I think my record is somewhere around 5….think I need new shops.

When you think about it, that’s kind of how life is set up. There are a lot of situations we end up in and we are constantly figuring out what to do. It’s almost as if there’s a though a huge pile of things we have to deal with and we are waiting for that one golden ticket. And when we get it, oh when we get our hands on that golden ticket, its a whole new situation. It can really change the game. The jacket I am wearing is one I found in a thrift shop. Cost me more to get it dry cleaned than the jacket cost itself but the total cost was still worth it because in the end, it made me happy and excited that I found a piece I felt so strongly about. Thats how it is when I find something I love to do amidst a bunch of things I have to do or when I find a solution when I seem to be buried in problems. Life is like a thrift shop, you never know what gem you’re gonna get!

Until next time,