We grow up in a society where people are looked at and sometimes judges unfairly, sometimes based on the most minuscule of things. In some cases, one of those things is style. Not fashion, but style. Fashion can be the clothes that you wear, that change with every season. It differs from designer and brand. It ranges from “high fashion” to pretty much everything else but like Ralph Lauren said, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Style is how we express ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what the label says or which season it came from. Your style permeates it all. Often times, we see a hodge podge of pieces put together to create and awesome look because it is those separate elements that come together to tell the story of that person’s style.

My style is very much all over the place. Some days, I feel fun and sporty. Other days I want to be extra polished and chic. In either case, my style is my own and while I get inspiration from Pinterest and runway shows and celebrities,it is just that. Inspiration. I do not live in any one else’s closet so any look I create already has my stamp on it. How do you define your style?