When you go through life, it seems as though you start with few friends, your network grows as you get into your career and venture out to trying new things, and then it narrows again as you find your friends and those you have more in common with. When you establish all of these relationships, it can become difficult to make everyone happy. You have friends who you want to be committed to, family who needs you at other times, and other relationships that you know you need to cater to in order to foster growth.

But how?

It becomes harder and harder everyday to figure out how to prioritize people and things but sometimes you have to learn how to put your feelings first. When it comes to personal relationships and business, we sometimes have to do things for the greater good. We do things we know will either make the other party happy because we care or something we know can help in the long run (even if we have to grit our teeth through it now). The task is knowing what is important to you. When you consider your feelings, you are thinking about the things that can make you happy. Sometimes it means saying no to others. It can also mean removing some people or situations that you find are no benefit to you.

It can be hard. Actually, it will be hard. In the end, you will know that the decision was made out of conscious thought and that not every time will be your time, but sometimes it can be. We can only be as great to others when we are great to ourselves. We need to make sure we are taken care of just as much. So find your balance. Learn when it is time for you to sacrifice for you.

Until next time,