Of course there are several F words you might want to use but for now, we will keep it PG. Save your daily upset for something else. Ha! When it comes to chasing a goal, there's a few other F words I like to use.

Find it – We never really know something until we know it and even then, we aren't really sure. Some of us operate by needed proof and confirmation while others of us can go with trusting a gut feeling. Until you have an inkling of whatever direction you want to go in, what you might be good at, a new interest, etc., keep searching until you find what it is that puts that extra light in your eyes.

Finesse it – When you do find it, don't just stop there. No one said there had to be one way to do things. Finesse it, refine it, and look at it from different angles. You may think you have found one thing and when you change your perspective, you come across a whole different point of view on how to make it work for you.

Figure it out – No one said this was going to be easy. As you lean in and start to notice little things that capture your attention, take some time and sit with it so that you know how to align it with your goals, brand, and personality. You think you have finessed it and it's still not right?Keep working. Don't stop here because the answer could be right around the corner.

Fail at it – I interned at W+K agency many years ago and here i first heard the term 'Fail Harder.' When you start something, you might be lucky enough to hit the nail on the head the first time. Often times, that's not the case. If your first attempt doesn't work, go at it again, and maybe 'fail' some more. Out of those failed attempts can come your greatest success.

And never Finalize it – There's always competition, externally and internally. Challenge yourself to be your best self. This sometimes means that you look at where you started and you might be happy with the results but that doesn't mean you have to set it in stone. Think about how much more you can grow. You have come this far. Why stop now?