I am a firm believer that we can take control of our circumstances. Granted, I believe God places things in front of us and we can make decisions that determine how they affect us. Plenty of times, I have felt like I was in a rut. Things weren’t going my way. People weren’t available when I needed them. The money just wasn’t adding up (still working on this one lol) or some other situation has happened that can easily look like a setback.

And then you choose. You choose how you use those situations to your advantage and make it lead to something better for you. I have been searching for a mentor and I went to all kinds of places, down to reaching out to connections of connections on Instagram. While I don’t always recommend those tactics (stranger danger), you might just find one light at the end of the tunnel. After weeks of attempting to build connections, I had a random conversation with a friend who was looking for help marketing his brand. This friend, I had known for a year, but it just so happened he asked on this day when I was told to keep an open ear to all conversations. Later that day, I met a photographer who asked me to help market his blog. At this point, I’m thinking I am golden and stars are aligning. Now it is after midnight and I run to the car to grab something and see a friend I ran into earlier that week. he’s talking to a restaurant owner who tells me “Let’s exchange info. We can connect on a few things.” Don’t get lost…this is all on the same day.

After all of what I had been doing on the back end, I figured my glow up just isn’t ready yet and my blessings are still in the pending folder. Then I realized, everything that happened wasn’t something brand new. All of these people have had some connection to me but I didn’t look at it that way at first. I thought I needed to have a specific “here is the key” laid out right in front of me but you have to look a little deeper and you might see that, after you clear some debris, what you wanted was there all along. It may not have come wrapped in the paper you expected, but somehow, there is still a gift inside. You may just need to get creative with it. I didn’t come out with the mentor (yet!) but I did walk away with 3 situations that allow me to have more marketing experience unexpectedly and will allow me to expand my network (insert mentor somewhere along these lines).

Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time,