In a Toyota commercial, I heard “what are you going to regret? The things you have done or the things you haven’t?” Or something along those lines. The idea is that you have things that you want to do or try, and while it may be scary, you don’t want to look back on life and constantly think about those moments you let slip by because you were playing it safe.

No, I’m not saying drop it all without a plan but at the same time, you know what it is that lights a spark in you. So find a way to make it happen. Even if it is a little something each day, add a little flavor by taking part in something that gets you excited. Unless this is the best way you operate, your routine becomes way too monotone. Same things every day. Same results every day. No fun!

So when it comes to life, try a little something new. Drop a little color in here and there.

Live life colorfully. Go bold or go home.

Tell me your thoughts,