Throughout life, we are constantly trying to find the answer to something. As simple as what we want to eat to something more complex like what career path we should take. The best part of it is that there is no right answer. Time is on no ones side but we also don’t have to rush to have things all figured out the moment we get a new idea.


I, for one, have started multiple blogs and given up on them when my ideas have changed. Let my friends tell it and I have commitment issues lol. I go strong with something and spend time racking my brain, but the minute I realize I’ve lost focus and have gone in the wrong direction, I know I need to pause and reset. In the book Unmistakable, which I spoke about here, Srinivas Rao mentions to give up the map and start using a compass. The map has defined lines and courses of action determined by someone else. The compass on the other hand reminds you to keep your focus aimed in the right direction.


When it’s all said and done, you have to be happy with the work you’re doing and the path you chose to travel. I take wrong turns. I make wrong decisions. I sometimes do foolish things. However, I realize that all of those things helped to put me in the direction I am in now. So what if it didn t work?Had I not made those decisions, an opportunity may not have arisen for me to make another choice which ultimately helps me to live my best life. So fail and fail again, because it is those ‘failures’ that help to steer you towards success.

Until next time,