There comes a day when something hits you…you don’t know where it came from or how long it’s been brewing but it came through like a force in the night. It’s the realization that something you’re doing just isn’t right. I can only speak from my life experience but I know at times I couldn’t even identify the reason I wasn’t taking the next step. I could tell you what “would be so fun” or “where I want to travel to next” or something along those lines. Only if you asked me what I’m doing to get there, I couldn’t tell you the first step and the fire started to fizzle. It seemed like such an overwhelming plan to build and the end was so far, that momentum would just wither. 

And then there it is. That moment. The greatest part about these random moments is that they are so unexpected but they come at just the right time to show you need to do and if it isn’t the full plan, it’s a little inkling that gets the idea ball rolling. Don’t ignore it! Because when you decide to build on it and look into it, you may just find it’s the thing you didn’t even know you needed but also the thing that will help to keep you going. 

So what’s holding you back? And what’s the motivation you need to make it happen? Don’t shy away from what you think it’s supposed to be and begin to look for the greatness in the unexpected. 

Until next time,