As fashion enthusiasts, we get so excited about all of the new trends and styles. Deciding what to buy and what to pass on, what our pockets can handle. We even go into our closets to explore what things already exist and how we can convert old pieces into new looks.

When things get too over complicated and I can’t decide what to do, I find it helps to over-simplify. Choosing an outfit is a struggle in itself so it helps to have a couple of simple items that can work with a complicated piece or…with another simple item. There’s a pair of jeans that you know work well, a simple top that doesn’t speak too loudly and says just enough and the right pair if shoes that can add just the right amount of comfort and style to your look.

In this look, I decided to keep things simple and go with solid colors all around. Pulling out some things that I already owned. All black is always classic. Sneakers make it all the more comfy.