In the past few weeks, I have thought so much about where I want to go next. Life moves at such a quick pace, it’s easy to get caught up and realize you have to take a minute to think. 

I also know that I have a tendency to take too much time to think and then let things fall by the wayside and decided that sometimes you just have to let things be. What’s going to come will come if you work for it. Hard work does pay off and every other saying you have heard does have some truth to it. However, it makes the job a lot easier when you are enjoying what you’re doing. Not all times will it be fun and games but you do have to take a second and remember why you started, remember what you love about what you’re doing, remember to stay focused on the end goal but enjoy the journey along the way. 

Long Blazer: Calvin Klein

Shoes: J. Crew

Until next time,