It isn’t an easy task to find the perfect opportunity that makes you happy. Too often we hear people have jobs to pay the bills or just to get by. What sucks is that a lot of times it has nothing to do with what we are passionate about or where we want to invest our time. 

You don’t always need to know the next step, you just need to get closer to figuring out where you want to be. Of course, we aren’t always lucky enough to get (and love!) our dream job. Very possible what you thought it would be isn’t exactly what it turned out to be. In either case, you really do need to take a second to carve out some time for you. Do the things that make you happy. Even if it’s an hour a day just thinking about a new idea you want to bring to life, taking steps towards it turns it into reality. Your side piece could eventually become your main thing but you have to start somewhere. 

Jacket: Zara

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