It’s been a while since I posted anything but when you pull back and take a break, it gives you a chance to see things through a new lens. Not exactly as an outsider because you view your work a certain way, but view in a way you hadn’t before. Taking time off gives you a chance to think about your direction, where you came from and where you’re going. 

I was listening to a gospel song recently and usually, the goal is to feel uplifted and change my outlook knowing tomorrow will be promising. One song I listened to, however, made me think…sometimes, you have to just let things be. Let it come to you and flow in its own right. All things can’t be controlled but we sure do have control over our reactions. 

Remember, setbacks are temporary. Take a moment to look at things from a different angle and you just may find a way to come back strong. ‘They’ say Stay Low and Build. You know the ‘they’ I’m talking about. Not every move has to be made in the light. Not every bark has to be the loudest. Sometimes it’s the moves made in silence that make the most noise. 

Coat: Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Who What Wear by Target

Until next time,