Years ago, I gave a speech on Martin Luther King Jr. day when I was in college. I honestly don’t remember what I said because I was so nervous standing in an auditorium full of people. I do remember the speech that came after mine was great and moving. I think about these times and I remember, it wasn’t about the people in the room, it was about the message that I had to deliver. It was about understanding that we have dreams, knowing where we came from and the things it takes to get us to where we want to be. So when it comes to our own dreams and the dreams of those around us, it helps us grow when we feel “full-filled.” Full of joy and excitement for what we are doing and knowing that we put in the work to help ourselves and others with their dreams. Not just on MLK Day, but throughout our lives. Today, I found an exciting opportunity and decided to give my time working in a donation closet at a church, helping others choose clothes to keep them warm this season. 

  1. Pay It Forward. In this digital age, we are in constant communication with others. From an email a text a phone call, etc., there are messages we put out there. Up to your discretion but share the struggles along with the success. Share what you have learned because there was someone that came before you and had to fall before getting up and starting the path you are walking on. There will be others that come behind you to walk the road and go beyond where you leave it. Seeing prior mistakes helps those coming to think smarter about how they put themselves out there. Helping someone else achieve doesn’t take away from your success. No one can take from you what is meant for you. Simply because they are not you.
  2. Giving Your All. It is okay to get discouraged and have moments of weakness. We don’t always have to have a brave face. However, it is important to remember that being knocked down shouldn’t keep you down and putting your best foot forward makes a huge difference. Not only do others notice when you put in the extra effort but you notice it on your own. You know what you can achieve when you put the time in. So might as well make the journey worth it and maximize your effort and you will see the reward later.
  3. Keep On Keeping On. We fail. We fail again. We might even fail another time after that. However, when you start over, go harder. As it states in #2,  put the best effort in and it might be hard, but just don’t stop. The beauty is knowing you learned from your mistakes and you won’t give up.  The beauty is knowing that you are going to keep trying because that light at the end of the tunnel is visible and you won’t stop until you get there!