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A friend of mine came to visit and we had a quick conversation. We talked about some of the things we wanted to accomplish in our lives and the direction we wanted to go in. I talked a little bit about how I can use what I have to get to where I want to be. Meaning, I have some knowledge in marketing having been in the field for a number of years but there are 100 bazillion things I want to know more about. Fortunately, I’ve learned I can’t do everything so I need to work with those who know how to do it best.

This is where we talked about utilizing those around us, but making sure not to use them. Using them would be coming with one hand out for something and nothing in the other hand to offer in return. Utilizing them would be appreciating them for what they can offer and being 100% willing and prepared to offer what they may need. Be ready to give, give, give and focus less on the take when it comes to growing into an area where you may not know as much as you want to…yet.

Kristine in Brooklyn

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