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Being natural, it is really important to make sure my hair stays moisturized throughout the winter. The cold season and my tresses have never been great friends. Wash days can be a nightmare, sometimes taking your whole Sunday with all the different routines and mixtures and combinations and let’s not forget the testing period where we see something that works for someone else and want to try it on ourselves.

It does take time to find the products that works specifically for you but it never hurts to see what you have been missing. The L’Oreal EverFresh collection is great because it helps to loosen up any build up on the scalp and hair that comes from the various products I use throughout the week.

This L’Oreal EverFresh collection is a hair lovers dream because the products are sulfate-free, paraben free, sulfate free, dye free…basically it is free of so many of the things we run from when taking care of our hair. It makes choosing products a little bit easier and the Apricot seed scrub is easy on the nose too…smells great!

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These products were received complimentary but all opinions are my own.